SMC Jr Pulley

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  • SMC Jr Pulley
  • SMC Jr Pulley
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The SMC JR (Jigger Rescue) and JRB (JR with becket) double prusik minding pulleys have been designed to be compact, lightweight and cost effective. A key component of every rescue technician’s tool box, the JR and JRB pulleys provide tremendous versatility in the minimalist of ways. Couple the JR with a JRB pulley and you have a lightweight mechanical advantage system that can pull duty in rescue roles from litter tilting to piggy back systems.

Despite its size the JR and JRB Double Pulleys will easily handle full-sized work loads and is ideally suited for use with the very popular SMC Aluminum Locking D Carabiner. The bell-shaped top hole allows the carabiner to be rotated freely and completely. Two light weight nylon sheaves are paired with a stainless steel rivet axle for reliable performance at a reasonable cost. Easy to carry and easy to use - this is a great double pulley that won’t bust your back or your bank. Intended for use with rope up to a maximum size of 9mm.

Certified to meet UIAA127/ EN12278 Standard on 8mm rope.


    • Certified to meet UIAA127/ EN12278
    • Stronger than most of the similar sized pulleys on the market.
    • Suitable for use in 2 to 1 C system or in 3-to-1 Z Drag system.
    • Compact size fits in pocket or in backpack so that it is always handy for quick access in an emergency.
    • Wide base design has been proven to work efficiently with Prusik cords of up to 8mm.
    • Side plates are rounded and rotate for easy and secure placement.
    • Uses durable lightweight nylon bushing for reliable performance.
    •  Made in the USA
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