SMC 3" Single Oilite Pulley

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These are the “original” Russ Anderson/SMC pulleys that are legendary throughout the fire, rescue and work-related professions. The most widely used pulleys of their kind, SMC/RA pulleys are well-known for delivering the highest levels of performance, quality and durability as demanded by rescue and industry professionals alike. These time tested designs are made using the optimal combination of materials with every component perfectly matched for its intended use and application. The lineup of SMC/RA pulleys consists of one pulley with aluminum side plates and nine others with stainless steel side plates. All are known for being rugged yet relatively light weight and delivering reliable performance under even the worst of conditions. Offered in a choice of either Oilite or sealed Ball Bearings, the SMC/RA series of pulleys include singles and doubles ranging in size and style from a 2” single to a 4” double. Oilite (sintered bronze) bearings are popular for delivering reliable performance at a reduced cost. Sealed ball bearings provide optimal efficiency and reduce the performance robbing resistance that is inherent in most multiple component systems. In addition, sealed ball bearings are not prone to failure under misaligned loads or with twisted gear as can be the case with needle bearings. The axle-nuts are double locked to the steel axle and then marked with a witness line in order to help detect any loosening. The attachment hole is sized to accept large rescue carabiners with sufficient room for the carabiner to rotate freely and easily.

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