Stenlight S7 Premium Headlamp System (LG723 battery)

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Uses top-grade Luxeon Rebel LED's which are 40% brighter than the 07 (Rev F) Stenlights and nearly 100% more efficient than the earliest S7 Stenlights. Includes S7 Premium Headlamp, Battery, and Charger. The StenLight S7 Premium is a high powered LED lamp designed especially for the hostile caving environment. Mud, water, and shock-resistant, the S7 was designed by cavers to address the shortcomings of conventional cave lamps. Key Features: Brightest portable LED light available Uses Luxeon Rebel LED's Extremely long LED life (>20,000 hours) Solid state and shock-resistant – no breakable filament or gas-filled tubes Flicker-free all-analog control circuit provides current regulation at all brightness levels for constant brightness Operates off any 6 to 18 volt DC power sourceHigh electrical and optical efficiency make the most of your batteries (96% electrical efficiency from 7.2V, 93% from 12V) Compact, rugged anodized aluminum case Lightweight -- under 125 gramsLong throw, high durability magnetic switchWater-resistant up to 25 feet (no moving parts penetrate the sealed lamp body) Smooth, optimized beam pattern with user-swappable lens options Temperature limiting to prevent overheating of LEDs or exterior Four logarithmic brightness levels Swivel bracket supports easy adjustment of a wide range of vertical angles The StenLight S7 uses a high-efficiency all-analog control circuit that regulates LED current in all brightness modes, and limits itself to a safe temperature by reducing LED current when necessary. The magnetically controlled switch has 5 clearly-defined positions that are separated to avoid accidentally switching the unit off. The switch has no moving parts inside the lamp body, and is fail-safe – if the switch is destroyed or the magnet lost, the unit defaults to the LOW setting, which is still bright enough for you to find your way. 

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