SMC Lite Alloy Steel Locking Carabiner

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SMC’s Lite Alloy Steel Locking D is without question the most popular carabiner that we manufacture. You’ll have to look long and hard for a lighter weight steel carabiner that meets the NFPA “G” ratings. Aptly described as a “hybrid” the Lite Alloy incorporates a stainless steel gate and locking sleeve for superb action, greater strength and exceptional reliability. The sleeve locks on the gate rather than the body of the carabiner, eliminating problems of the knob binding on the frame once the carabiner has been loaded. All the components in this carabiner are meticulously hand-finished after machining resulting in the smooth, free gate action that is the hallmark of all SMC carabiners. Additionally, each Lite Alloy carabiner is 100% hand-inspected for gate action and other functional characteristics before leaving our factory. If you want a carabiner that will outlast all your other gear (unless also made by SMC) and which may be counted on to perform just as well aft er 1,000 jobs as it did the first time you used it then you need to accept nothing less than an SMC Lite Alloy.

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