Skedco SK-600 Water Flotation System

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This flotation system maintains the Sked® in a nearly vertical position in the water. It is self-righting and keeps the patients head completely out of water, even in rough seas. The side floats and chest pad provide buoyancy sufficient to support two rescuers in the water in addition to the patient, while the lead shot filled ballast keeps the foot end down and the head elevated out of the water. Made in USA. The SK-600 Basic Foam Flotation System comes with: Ethafoam Floats (pair) - two rigid ethafoam floats which mount on each side of the Sked® Stretcher and provide the ideal amount of buoyancy. Chest Pad - the chest pad attaches to the front of the packaged patient, not allowing the patient to float in a face down position. Ballast Weight - a durable bag filled with 15 pounds of lead shot which attaches to the bottom of the Sked® with hook and loop fasteners. This causes the Sked® to self-right if it capsizes. Extra Long Handles - a pair of extra long handles is included to help hoist the stretcher up onto a boat or dock. Retaining Strap - this straps is used to attach the foam floats and chest pad to the Sked® Stretcher backpack, allowing the entire system to be packed as a single unit.

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