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Sam Splint 36"

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Acclaimed internationally, the SAM® Splint is currently utilized by EMS, military, and special operations groups around the globe. From outer space to the ocean depths, the SAM® Splint has provided performance and reliability in every terrain and weather condition. As the standard for pre-hospital and outdoor medical care, it is recognized in emergency and wilderness medicine text. The SAM® Splint is suited for both adults and children, and can immobilize almost any bone in the body, including the neck. It is easy to use and comes with illustrated step-by-step instructions. A training video is also available. The SAM® Splint is lightweight, weighing only 4 oz. and may be rolled or folded for easy storage in emergency kits or back packs. The SAM® Splint requires no extra equipment. It will not puncture and is not affected by extreme temperature or altitude. The SAM® Splint is waterproof. It is easily cleaned and disinfected with protocol cleaning solutions. SAM® Splint is radiolucent and does not have to be removed for x-ray.

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