Kong MIusi Multi Tool

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  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
  • Kong MIusi Multi Tool
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Miusi is a new tool made from marine bronze. It allows us to carry out many of our daily activities without touching potentially infected screens or surfaces.

It can be used to open handles, hold on to public transport, control the touch screens of tablets, ATMs, elevators, coffee machines, etc...

It is also a convenient bottle opener to always keep attached to your key holder.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of each Miusi will finance the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at the hospital "Luigi Sacco" in Milan, which has started research on the identification and evaluation of diagnostic markers for SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Material: Marine Bronze (SAE 43)
Weight: 59g
Length: 8,2cm
Longitudinal axis load (KN): 110kg

With a boot shape, a tribute to Italy, MIusi is a useful and multifunctional accessory that helps us in the management of daily activities in a post-Covid-19 scenario. MIusi was born during the weeks of lockdown with a dual purpose: to facilitate the carrying out of various activities outside the home safely, eliminating the fear of contact in public places and to raise funds for research in favor of the prevention of the Covid-19 virus and future pandemics.

Antibacterial material

MIusi is made entirely of marine bronze, a alloy with a high copper content (greater than 60%), the antibacterial and antimicrobial metal par excellence and on which the new coronavirus lasts only 4 hours, much less when compared to cardboard (about 24 hours), plastic or steel (up to 3 days). Copper is a great electrical conductor and therefore makes it possible to use MIusi as a tool to type on mobile screens and touch devices.


The largest hole and the top of the object represent the handle


The smaller hole allows us to attach MIusi to the keychain or backpack


The hook allows us to cling to public transport supports and door handles. It also allows us to comfortably carry the bags of our groceries


The smaller overhang helps us when we need precision, press the ATM button or type on touch screens. It also allows us to open bottles


The inlet we need to open and close door locks and turn knobs

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