Edelrid Iguazu III Sit Harness Orange

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  • Edelrid Iguazu III Sit Harness Orange
  • Edelrid Iguazu III Sit Harness Orange
  • Edelrid Iguazu III Sit Harness Orange
  • Edelrid Iguazu III Sit Harness Orange
  • Edelrid Iguazu III Sit Harness Orange
  • Edelrid Iguazu III Sit Harness Orange
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Innovative canyoning harness for guides and private users with replaceable abrasion protector and wear indicator webbing. The two tie-in points (textile + metal) allow horizontal and vertical attachment, to separate abseiling and self-belaying equipment as an example. Two further metal tie-in points for, e.g., the rope bag, four large gear loops (size 1: two gear loops) and attachment options for knives and gear carabiners round off the features. Increased comfort courtesy of the split two-band system on the waist harness.

  • Stitched clip-in buckles at waist make it easy to put on and take off
  • Available in two sizes
  • Vertical plus horizontal integration point
  • 4 buckle design for maximum range of adjustment and a central attachment point at all times
  • Leg loop straps protected against abrasion: load-bearing strap element enclosed in protective textile strap
  • Replaceable, extremely robust abrasion protector without seams made of tarpaulin
  • Four gear loops (size 1: two gear loops), two metal tie-in points, plus additional attachment options for gear storage and organization
  • Integrated RFID transponder
  • Certification : EN 12277 Type C
  • Adjustable leg loops
  • 4-buckle construction
Size Waist Circumference Thighs Circumference
1 23.6 - 37.4 in 21.7 - 27.6 in
2 32.3 - 47.2 in 23.6 - 29.5 in


How to find the perfect fit for your climbing harness

The measurements give a good initial indication of which harnesses to consider from the retailer's shelf. Attention: The sizes differ depending on the manufacturer. As with an item of clothing, the cut of the harness is also very important in addition to the dimensions.

A perfectly fitting climbing harness is fixed at the waist in such a way that it cannot be pushed over the hips. It is important to make sure that the material loops point towards the floor and that the tie-in loop and the leg loops are not twisted. How to tighten the harness correctly is shown in the illustrations below.

Most harnesses are designed to fit different body shapes. We offer many of our models in different shapes for improved comfort and optimal load distribution. Climbers whose waists and hips have a similar circumference will go for the "O-shape" harnesses. 

For those with a slightly narrower waist compared to hips, the "A-shape" is the right choice. In addition, these harnesses have slightly larger leg loops in relation to the waist band and the belay loop is longer.

For maximum hanging comfort, both the leg loops and the waist belt should not be too tight or too wide. Therefore, when buying harnesses without adjustable leg loops, it is vital to ensure that they fit perfectly. In order not to restrict the freedom of movement a flat hand should fit between the leg loop and the thigh. Equally, a flat hand should fit between the waist and waist belt.

Most shops will facilitate a hang test. The best way is to try different harnesses, tie in and hang out! The harness should not cut into the body and should fit snugly.

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