Edelrid Defuser Rescue L

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  • Edelrid Defuser Rescue L
  • Edelrid Defuser Rescue L
  • Edelrid Defuser Rescue L
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Accessories Fall Arresters

Art. no.
 145 g

The long, narrow shock absorber for user loads of up to 220 kg reduces the impact force generated by a fall. The high load capacity enables users to work with heavy equipment and offers an additional reserve for rescue situations where users need to bear the weight of the person in need of assistance on their own system. The elongated design allows a slightly greater distance from the belay rope and therefore a clear working area. The window makes it possible to visually check the intactness of the energy absorber at any time.

  • Use solely permitted in combination with the FUSE guided type fall arrester
  • Slender, elongated design
  • High rescue load of up to 220 kg
  • Window for performing a functional check prior to each use
  • Impact force 30% below the legally established maximum
  • Certification : + Fuse = EN 12841-A
  • Certification : + Fuse = 353-2
  • Certification : + Fuse = ANSI Z359.15
  • Material : Polyester / HMPE
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