CMI MBP102 11mm Micro Belay Plates

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CMI Micro Belay Plates set the standard for efficient rope handling. CMI Micro Belay Plates are hot forged from 7075 aircraft alloy aluminum, a material with nearly double the strength of that used in lesser belay plates. By mating this particular alloy with the forging process, we have been able to build a remarkably lightweight product while still maintaining a substantial safety margin. Nylon rope running over bare aluminum acts as a low grade file, slowly abrading it's way into the aluminum surface and weakening the part. That's why after forging, heat treating, deburring, and polishing, our Micro Belay plates receive our exclusive hard-coat to keep the strength for years to come. An original CMI innovation, these belay plates bring new meaning to the word micro. Hot forged from 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum and finished with our legendary hardcoat. This compact, lightweight product has a substantial safety margin.

Available in double configuration for 9mm ropes or single for 11mm ropes.

  • MBP101: Rope Diam: 11mm  Size: 1x1.8in Weight: 0.3oz  MBS: 6,000lbs
  • MBP102: Rope Diam: 9mm Size: 1.6x1.5in Weight: 0.4oz  MBS: 6,000lbs
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