CMI Anchor Sling

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  • CMI Anchor Sling
  • CMI Anchor Sling
$129.65 - $168.10
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The CMI Anchor sling is a simple, versatile, and adjustable sling that you can trust. Made from heavy duty nylon webbing with stitched pockets for an easy and safe connection. Created by a climber for climbers. Original design by Gerry Garcia.

Base Anchor Sling - Wrap the sling around the base of the tree in a choking configuration with the webbing going through the stainless steel ring, avoiding fiber on fiber contact for longevity. Always clip a ring on the first available pocket to keep a snug connection. Once clipped in, choose a pocket to clip in your climb line. Always be sure to clip into 1 pocket, not 2. The options are endless with this sling; connect straight with a carabiner, or add your favorite lowering device for an easier rescue in the even it's needed.

Available in: 15' Yellow Only & 10' Blue Only

Rating for all Slings:

Pocket Strength: 2,000lbs 

Overall Strength: 10,000lbs 

Stainless Steel Ring rated: 10,000lbs.

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