Adventure Medical Kits - Z-Medica Quikclot 50 Sport

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  • Adventure Medical Kits - Z-Medica Quikclot 50 Sport
  • Adventure Medical Kits - Z-Medica Quikclot 50 Sport
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Quikclot 50 Sport is 50 grams in size.

Whether it is QuikClot® Sport™ or QuikClot® Sport™ Silver, you get an outstanding hemostatic agent that stops bleeding fast. With QuikClot® Sport™ there is the added antibacterial advantage of ionic silver. Silver acts to  prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi which can be especially important if medical care is not immediately available.

Let the Adventure Continue

Being hurt far from where you can get immediate medical attention can really slow you down, or worse. With QuikClot® Sport™ you can stop bleeding fast, bleeding that might otherwise be difficult to control. With bleeding under control, you can seek medical attention – then let the adventure continue.

Proven Technology

QuikClot® Sport™ is similar to the full line of QuikClot® products. These products range from those used by the US Military, Emergency Medical Systems and by Law Enforcement Departments across the US. While every situation is  different, QuikClot® has saved hundreds of lives and in the right situation it can make an important difference for you.

Add to your First Aid Kit — for You, for Them

Adding QuikClot® Sport™ to your first aid kit could be one of the best things you have ever done. If you are alone – there is nothing like it to stop bleeding. If you are with a group, in an emergency, think how great to be the one  with the QuikClot®.

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