Those Amazing Bats

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Grade 4-6-- Halton's solid introduction to one of the animal kingdom's gentlest creatures conveys a real understanding of the bat's true nature and the important role it plays in world ecology. The lucid, well-organized text describes the physical and behavioral characteristics common to all species. These species are identified by both common and scientific names; a full-color photo of each accompanies the text. Scientific research, past and present, is briefly summarized, and the important roles bats play as pollinators and distributors of seeds is discussed. The book also examines the various factors behind the current endangered status of many bat species. An appendix with detailed instructions for building a bat house is included. About two dozen full-color photographs illustrate the text. The majority are superb portraits of various bats in flight or at rest; however, two are of questionable value. Set in Thailand, they show Dr. Merlin Tuttle, founder of Bat Conservation International, at work, flanked by armed guards in stiff, zombielike poses. No bats are visible, and the images of the guards are extremely jarring. There are a number of good introductions to bats already available that cover much of the same general information; however, their emphases differ, and they lack the detailed information on American bats and the material on scientific research provided here. --Karey Wehner, San Francisco Public Library Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information,

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