SMC Rescue StayK Kit

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Kit comes with 3 Rescue StayKs The ever growing demand for the SMC Rescue StayK (picket system) from all divisions of the Emergency Response Industry, Fire Departments, Rope Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, etc., is due to the fact that all other picket systems are viewed as primitive at best. The SMC Rescue StayK system is versatile, accommodating, and by far the most effective, efficient, and reliable system available today that renders all other systems obsolete. Once installed the self-equalizing SMC Rescue StayK System can be divided into multiple safety systems. The SMC Rescue StayK System design allows easy attachment of additional holding support if needed. When installed at a 20o angle away from the rescue load, the anchor rods provide a maximum holding force if load is shifted. Designed by Stan Wiggins, as a certified trainer and technical engineer, he solves everyday anchor issues. Stan worked with instructors and has achieved numerous Pro Board Certifications from Texas A&M (TEEX) (Brayton Field), to provide the rescue industry with the SMC Rescue StayK, a self-equalizing rescue anchor system.
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