SMC Aluminum Light D Carabiner

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The SMC Aluminum Light D has long been a favorite in all climbing disciplines for many years. It has embraced the true simplicity of a carabiner by being elegantly basic, strong, light and functional. After all an icy mountainside is no place for complicated unproven gimmicks or gadgets which often clutter ones sport rack. The Light D is one of SMC’s smallest and lightest aluminum carabiners weighing in at a mere 1.7 oz while being nearly identical in strength to the SMC Oval. As an essential part of the SMC carabiner line, the Light D is built using the same internal stainless steel components as all SMC carabiners assuring that quality, form fit and function are never compromised. The asymmetrical D shape shifts more of the load to the frame and away from the gate which increases strength and allows for a large gate opening. The low profile tabs help make clipping easy and hassle-free. The Light D incorporates design, excellence and attention to detail the world has come to love in all SMC products. SMC assures that all carabiners are 100% visually and physically inspected. It is SMC’s attention to detail and precision craftsmanship that guarantees you receive the highest level of quality, value and flawless performance insuring your carabiners are amongst the finest you can buy anywhere in the world.

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