Skedco SK-300 Oregon Spine Splint II

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The spinal immobilization/extrication device of its type that meets all of the established criteria for immobilizing a sealed patient. The OSS II is an ideal companion for the Sked Stretcher system. The OSS II provides for safe removal of patients from injury sites without doing further damage to the spine if properly used. The OSS II can be used in place of a conventional short backboard and as a hip or leg splint. The OSS II includes a shoulder board, not found in similar devices, that can be used to prevent compression of the shoulders when using a flexible stretcher. The OSS II folds into an extremely small package and slips inside a rolled-up Sked Stretcher in its backpack bag, adding no volume to the Sked Rescue System package.

Each Oregon Spine Splint II (OSS II) comes with:

OSS II Main Body - this durable device includes color coded straps and buckles, crossing upper chest straps and liberal use of hook and loop material for reliable connection of immobilizing accessories.

Collar Strap - Designed to immobilize the lower part of the head. It is customarily used over a cervical collar (see below).

Forehead Restraint - another Skedco innovation that employs disposable replacement non-slip pads (Dispos-A-Pads) to avoid possible slipping and loss of immobilization. Extra wide and generous amounts of hook and loop material eliminates the need for taping the forehead to the device.

Head Pads - This set of one double and two single 3/4 inch thick head pads are used to maintain proper spacing between the board and the head. When the patient is laid down it does not compress.

Dispos-A-Pads - Ten disposable pads are provided for the Forehead Restraint strap. The pads are replaceable after each use to prevent possible contamination by body fluids.

Carrying Case - A durable cordura pack with zippered pocket, for the OSS II and all components.

Instructions - The most comprehensive instructions provided with any device sold today. Composed with heavy input by leaders in the emergency medical field, these instructions are more comprehensive than found in most textbooks. Video available.



  • The only vest type device on the market that meets all of the established criteria for immobilization of the seated patient.
  • Easy to train with - comes with comprehensive, medically correct, and easy to read instructions.
  • Faster to apply than other immobilizers
  • Allows defibrillation, EKG monitoring, and all other pre-hospital diagnostic and treatment procedures without compromising immobilization.
  • Immobilizes without compromising breathing.
  • Does not allow patient to move up or down in device, preventing compression and elongation of the cervical spine.
  • Groin straps do not occlude genitalia or cause pain when patient is laid down.
  • Unique collar strap design provides for maximum immobilization without affecting the free movement of the jaw, allowing the patient to vomit safely.
  • Immobilization of head and cervical spine is extremely good. When used with a SKED stretcher, is the same as a long backboard.
  • Shoulder straps can criss-cross upper chest or be positioned to retract shoulders for clavicle fractures.
  • Made of better materials and outlasts competing products. Can be cleaned with common bleach solutions.
  • Employs non-slip disposable pads on the forehead restraint.
  • Extra wide velcro on forehead strap insures secure immobilization.
  • Firm flat pads behind the head replace the common soft neck roll, preventing accidental hyperextension and loosening of head straps when the patient is laid down.
  • Compact size for storage requires about half the storage space required for other vest type devices. Can even be stored inside a rolled-up SKED stretcher.
  • The OSS is X-ray lucent - patient can be x-rayed with the device in place.
  • When used with a SKED stretcher, allows extrication from the smallest confined spaces where other devices cannot work.

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