Gonzo Guano Gear Dynamic Cow's Tail

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The Gonzo Guano Gear Dynamic Cow's tail is used in the popular frog ascending system. It is typically used to attach the upper ascender on one side of the Y and to provide a short cow's tail on the other; does not include carabiners.

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2 Reviews

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    Cheap, safe and easy cow's tail solution

    Although you should NEVER climb above your anchor or attachment points as a matter of priniciple, sometimes terrible rigging can make this practice a necessity. (Fix that rigging!) Therefore a dynamic cow's tail adds another level of safety should a fall occur. (Keep in mind that ascenders themselves are not meant to be shock-loaded, so the effect is minimal). Cons: big knots make keeping the carabiner centered an issue (that can be solved with rubber bands).

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    It's fine if you can't get rope and tie one yourself

    No store near me sells 10mm dynamic rope, so I need to buy it online. With a large enough order to get the free shipping, this is an ok price for 10 feet of rope. The knots are tied fine and the instructions are clear enough for me.

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