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New website same company

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Thank you for visiting Karst Sports and browsing our site.  The history of our company started in 1976 with the original incorporation of the company.  For the next 20 years the company focused on computer technology through both hardware and software applications.  In the late 80's the 2nd generation of the family started to be involved in various outdoor activities.  This led to the birth of Karst Sports in late 1993 just as the Internet started to become mainstream.  In 1994 our first E-commerce store went live which predates most of the popular websites we all know today.  Since that time we have changed the site may times to keep up with changing technology which has led to the current reiteration launched in late August 2015.  

So why shop at Karst Sports?

  • Owned by the same family since 1976.  Now with the 3rd generation starting to help out.
  • Largest Petzl dealer in the United States and only dealer to stock the entire product line.
  • We support cave rescue throughout the United States through donations and discounts.
  • We support Wilderness Search and Rescue groups with donations and discounts.
  • The owners have managed over 50 caves rescues and 100 search and rescue incidents.
  • We are able to supply orders of any size while still maintaining a personal relationship.